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As of 2022-11-02


code + -monger (a dealer of a commodity)

Expresses enthusiasm for coding, and humbleness.



Kikuo Emoto (喜久男 江本)

Based in Japan.

GitHub profile: https://github.com/kikuomax

About Kikuo

I, Kikuo, am enthusiastic about the entire software development life cycle not only coding.

You can count on me if you would like to realize your idea as a minimum viable product (MVP). I have experience in the following fields,

Why are the above experiences vital for MVP development?

  • MVP development goes back and forth between frontend and backend matters. So having a person with expertise in both fields is crucial for timely delivery and success.
  • MVP development is not usually well-funded. As serverless technologies allow you to start from zero to very low cost, they should fit your budget.
  • MVP is not a prototype but a product, and quality still matters. IaC is a key to achieving both quality and quick delivery.

I am also a learner, currently learning Rust.