When Omit<Type, Keys> breaks (my expectation)


I have scratched my head when Omit<Type, Keys> in TypeScript has not worked as I intended. This blog post will share with you what I have learned from reasoning why Omit has not worked.

Continuous delivery of the website


I am using AWS CodePipeline for Continuous Delivery (CD) of this website. This blog post will show you my configuration of the pipeline.

Moving the domain name between distributions


I moved the domain name from one CloudFront distribution to another. This blog post shows my findings on domain name move.

Serving contents from S3 via CloudFront


This website is generated with Zola and delivered from Amazon S3 via Amazon CloudFront. This blog post shows what I have done to successfully deliver the contents in this configuration.

Introducing Zola


This website is generated with Zola. This blog post introduces my findings in using Zola.